Красивые замки европы: Топ 21: Самые знаменитые замки Европы


Топ 21: Самые знаменитые замки Европы

Many of us build our travels around big cities and popular resorts, for some reason not including modest suburbs or even godforsaken places in the program. Today we will rush through 21 of the most interesting castles in Europe and show what we are depriving ourselves of, staying on the beaches and in noisy metropolitan areas.

1. Warwick Castle, England

Situated on the outskirts of Warwick, this castle fits seamlessly into the cityscape. In the neighborhood there is a pretty Mill Garden and a cozy Mill Street, built up with old houses.

In addition to external inspection, Warwick is worth seeing from the inside: admire its interiors and be sure to look into the towers where local ghosts live!

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2. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Another city ​​castle is located right in the center of the Scottish capital. Its fortress walls contain a lot of old buildings, among which is the oldest in the whole country — the Chapel of St.

Margaret. In addition to it, the Clock Cannon deserves attention, which makes a shot every day at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon.

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3. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Despite his not quite a fortune, Dunnottar looks very impressive. This is due to its location on a huge cliff, which abruptly drops right into the sea. It is difficult to find a more picturesque place for an old castle. So decided and the director of the film «Hamlet», who chose Dunnottar as a location for filming his film.

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4. Rock of Cashel, Ireland

Slightly better preserved is the castle on the Cashel rock , where the residence of the Irish kings, and then the bishops, was once. However, after the arrival of the British, this place acquired a sad reputation. The locals sought refuge in the castle Cathedral, but found their death there. Since then, their souls wander around the walls of the temple and move in shadows between the Celtic crosses of the castle cemetery.

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5. Kronborg Castle, Denmark

The Danish castle looks much more positive and more whole than its Western counterparts. Towering over the waters of the Baltic, Kronborg has always been a temptation for its Swedish neighbors, so it was built as an intricate defensive structure with a castle in the center. In addition to military purposes, the citadel also received a romantic role, becoming the scene of the play by William Shakespeare «Hamlet». Since then, the piece has been staged in the castle every summer.

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6. Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Будучи шведским конкурентом Кронборга, Кальмар, в свою очередь, не давал покоя датчанам. Однако укрепить его столь же запутанно не получилось, поэтому по территории крепости особо не разгуляешься. С другой стороны компактность придаёт ей удивительную атмосферу уюта. А вот «разгуляться» при желании можно по самому городку Кальмар, считающемуся одним из старейших в Швеции.

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7. Крепость Олавинлинна, Финляндия

In the Middle Ages, the Swedes quarreled not only with Denmark, but also with Russia. To oppose the latter, the castle of St. Olaf or Olavinlinna was erected . The fortress is picturesquely located on a rock in the middle of one of the thousands of Finnish lakes, surrounded by amazing Karelian landscapes. In addition to its beauty, Olavinlinna attracts guests with an annual opera festival held right within the walls of the castle.

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8. Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Not all European castles performed military functions, some had more interesting activities, for example, pleasing the eyes of their owners. Best of all, the white-stone beauty Gluboka nad Vltava coped with this matter . 140 rooms with knightly armor, hunting trophies, antique furniture and a collection of paintings, weapons and tapestries are just some of what you can admire in the castle.

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9. Bran Castle, Romania

This castle is famous not so much for its military successes as for one of its guests. It is believed that the famous voivode Vlad Dracula spent the night in Bran during his campaigns. Other sources claim that Turkish invaders were held captive in the dungeons of the castle. Who knows, maybe his spirit still lives there ?! Worth checking out!

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10. Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria

One of the brightest representatives of the Alpine castles, picturesquely located on a mountain top above the valley of the Salzach River. On all sides Hohenwerfen is surrounded by the giants-Alps, covered with snow caps until late spring. Meanwhile, below, summer is already in full swing, and Milka and Burenka’s cows graze on the emerald fields. Idyll, and more!

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11. Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

Another Austrian castle is inscribed in the urban landscape of Salzburg. From the height of the medieval walls, the whole city is in full view, with its numerous spiers, domes and seemingly toy houses. A little further, you can see the same Salzach River, dividing Salzburg into two parts. By the way, when you come down from the castle, don’t forget to visit Mozart, because his house is located very close!

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12. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

We will return to the Alps and go to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, Neuschwanstein . Not only we, but also the creators of Disneyland Paris, who built the Sleeping Beauty fairytale castle in the image and likeness of his German relative, honored him with such a high assessment. Neuschwanstein also inspired composers: it is believed that it was here that Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky first thought about the ballet Swan Lake.

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13. Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Germany

Not only castles in the mountains can be beautiful and interesting, but also … on uninhabited islands! The best example is a tiny piece of land in the middle of the turbulent Rhine River.

As if a snow-white ship rises here a castle with a completely unpronounceable name — Pfalzgrafenstein . Initially, the building was conceived as a customs house, then it served as a beacon and finally became a museum, which can only be reached by a special ferry.

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14. Castle Oberhofen, Switzerland

Another toy castle goes straight into the waters of the Swiss Lake Thunersee. Despite its modest size, Oberhofen is a long, intricate maze of corridors and staircases. The interiors of the castle are quite varied: from traditional medieval and Gothic halls to very ascetic and unpretentious rooms.

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15. Castle of Castel del Monte, Italy

This is one of the most mysterious castles in Europe, the purpose of which is still unknown. It has the shape of a regular octagon with eight octagonal towers, and there are eight rooms on each floor of the castle.

It is believed that by the penetration of light into the rooms of Castel del Monte , it can be identified as an astronomical device. The first floor of the castle is a solar calendar, and the second is a sundial.

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16. Aragonese castle, Italy

Perched on a small volcanic island, this imposing Italian castle dominates the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nothing connects it with the mainland, and a 200-meter bridge stretches to the nearest «elder brother», the island of Ischia. Inside, guests will find many slightly ruined, but rather picturesque buildings, but most importantly — beautiful views of the sea, the neighboring island and the giant Vesuvius.

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17. Chateau d’If, France


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18. Chenonceau Castle, France

Few know that the most famous of the Loire’s castles is located literally on the water. The magnificent chateau is a bridge over the river, and the most beautiful park is a «regular» rectangular island.

Chenonceau’s watery zest is especially felt in the absence of current, when the castle is reflected in the river as if in a natural mirror.

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19. Castle of Monteagudo, Spain

This castle is located on the top of a limestone rock and over the centuries of its existence literally merged with it into a single whole. They say that if you look at them from below, then in the stone mountain it is not immediately possible to distinguish the man-made forms of the walls of Monteagudo.

A distinctive feature of Monteagudo is the 14-meter sculpture of Jesus, visible from afar, crowning the top of the cliff.

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20. Alcazar Castle, Spain

One of the most beautiful castles in Spain, it combines a fortress and a royal palace with impressive medieval interiors.

Due to its location on a hill on the outskirts of Segovia, the Alcazar boasts an almost 360-degree view: from one side to the Cathedral and the city walls, on the other — to the Castilian valley with its neat lonely churches.

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Pena Castle-Palace, Portugal

The most amusing castle was built by residents of one of the most cheerful countries in Europe. Foam is a combination of the incompatible, a riot of colors and a mixture of styles, but this is precisely its main highlight! It is like a parody of all the most beautiful European castles, which makes it look especially fantastic … and fantastically attractive!

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On such a bright and positive note, we will end our review of the most interesting castles in Europe, but do not think that the list ends there. Remember: wherever you go, besides the usual museums and the warm sea, there will always be some unknown ancient castle nearby with a must-have in the bargain!

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